Welcome to Bharath Induction System

We are manufacturer of Induction heaters for Forging, Brazing and Hardening industrials. Since 2013 the full dedication of company has results the best products. The motive of the company is not just to sell the products but the best service and the right solution to the customers.


The principle of induction heaters

When Alternating Current flows through a coil wound around a component; it creates an oscillating magnetic field, which includes current in the component. The magnetic field takes the path of least resistance and also due to the skin effect; the outer periphery of the component gets heated more rapidly than the core.


An induction heater is an interesting device, allowing one to rapidly heat a metal object. With enough power, one can even melt metal. The induction heater works without the need for fossil fuels, and can anneal and heat objects of various shapes. I set out to make an induction heater that could melt steel and aluminum. So far I have been able to feed an input power of over 5kWs to 15kWs.